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Three steps that make up a time freedom framework ~ what you actually need to build to ‘replace’ yourself, and make sales without being present

Six mistakes that you need to be aware of (or might even be already making) that can stop you from ever earning a dollar online

Three crucial steps that you’ll need to claim back your time + the digital skills & framework to create an income you truly love

Hi! I'm Krissy

I am a high school English teacher and a proud mom to three young children.

Summer 2022, my husband and I packed up everything we knew--established reputations, careers in education, and a charming colonial house on a cul-de-sac (with the white picket fence and porch swing and all!) and moved from Connecticut to Florida to live a life by the water and endless summer.

I am not afraid of putting in the hard work. I've had "second" even "third" jobs while teaching (before becoming a mom). I am not looking to leave the classroom, a career I genuinely enjoy.

However, accepting a teaching position in Florida meant a $40,000 pay cut.

What I need is to find a supplemental income stream and I needed to learn the skills on my own terms, working around my family's busy schedule.

But now that I am a mother, I am not willing to work nights and weekends at the expense of not being with them.

So I started the search for online marketing. I sat through some pushy trainings that made me feel yucky. I wasn't able to find an affordable program and mentor until I found these two beautiful Aussie souls.

This is the course that pieced it all together for me. Jade and Kev are the best mentors. This program is sequenced, clear, and has demonstrations. It has empowered me, a 40 year old mom, to learn a new skill set that has the power to benefit my family tremendously.

Follow your inner compass.
Learn how to navigate this online marketing thing the right way.