FREE Beginner's Guide: How to turn your classroom resources into digital products

I created this guide uncovering how to select the products an audience needs--(think beyond selling to fellow educators!) and the FIVE steps to earning passive income monetizing teacher expertise. Included are countless examples of digital products teachers can create.

Teachers Turned Marketers, More Than An Introduction ($47)

This course includes 7 Modules and 22 Lessons covering everything from why teachers make strong marketers, how to get started, suggestions how to monetize your teaching expertise with digital products, and how to set up an automated system to sell those digital products.

I will summarize and simplify, in teacher language, what digital marketing is and how it is wildly possible to earn income passively AS YOU TEACH.


1.) Teachers Turned Marketers AND

2.) Roadmap 2.0 ($497)

Purchase these two courses together. Begin with Teachers Turned Marketers to get your teacher business up and running quickly with endless support of "what digital products you could create and how to create them), and then up your game with Roadmap 2.0. This proven viral course has 150+ extensive lessons on blogging, course creating, Marketing tips across a variety of platforms, and pro tips on advertising.

Roadmap 2.0 includes Master Resell Rights, which means you purchase the license to sell this course as your own for 100% profits ($497 per sale). Earn passive income WHILE YOU TEACH. Included in this course is extensive training on (free-all in one marketing platform) and access to a supportive community with daily calls.

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8 Marketing Course Bundle with PLR: ($97)

Get eight courses for the price of one! These are taught by expert marketers from systeme. Courses include topics about copywriting, email marketing, and how to make your first $1,000. Purchasing this course also gives you PLR--the right to modify and resell as your own product, keeping 100% profits.

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Selecting a College Essay Topic: A Mini-Course

I have helped over 2,000 students through the college essay process and have so much value to offer.

Three modules in this mini course cover the following:

1.) provides clarity who the admissions officers are and what exactly they are looking for,

2.) takes students through a deep dive brainstorm to search for that perfect topic, and

3.) offers tips and samples to write an engaging introduction.

List of platforms to sell educational resources (Free!)

Not quite ready to select a digital marketing training but curious to earn passive income with your ready-made digital teacher resources?

Access this list for eight platforms educators can post their classroom materials to earn online income. See what this whole "make money online" thing is by selling your expertise.